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Suggestions of restaurants to discover seafood

La Crêpe Bretonne icone_p_nbicone_p_f g_map

1085, du Parc Street, Paquetville (NB)
Specialties - Pancakes and Seafood
Open 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m.
Tel.: (506) 764-5344
Website: www.lacrepebretonne.com


Le Nouvo Caveau icone_p_nb icone_p_f  g_map

1087, du Parc Street, Paquetville (NB)
Restaurant / wine bar specialties ribs and steaks
Open from 6:00 p.m., Wednesday to Sunday
Tel.: (506) 764-3343
Website: www.nouvocaveau.ca

Le Nouvo Caveau

La Terrasse à Steve icone_p_nb g_map

9650, Hwy 113, Miscou (N.-B.)
Miscou Warf
Tel.: (506) 344-7000
La Terrasse à Steve

La Vieille Brûlerie / Café  icone_p_fran g_map

186, St-Pierre O. Blvd., Caraquet (N.-B.)
Tel.: (506) 602-2233
La Vieille Brûlerie

La Maison de la Fondue  icone_p_nb g_map

3613, Luce Street, Tracadie-Sheila (NB)
Specializes in evening meals/catering service
Tel.: (506) 393-1100
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Captain Franks   icone_p_ficone_p_rr g_map

3377, Victor LeBlanc Blvd, Tracadie-Sheila (NB)
Tel.: (506) 395-7001

Le Caraquette icone_p_f g_map

89, St-Pierre E. Blvd., Caraquet (N.-B.)
Specializes in seafood omelets
Tel.: (506) 727-6009
Facebook: Le Caraquette

Déjà Bu!  icone_p_nb g_map

49-A, St-Pierre O. Caraquet (NB)
By reservation - Wine bar - Restaurant
Tel.: (506) 727-7749
Website: www.dejabu.ca
 Déjà Bu

Au P’tit Mousse icone_p_ficone_p_rr g_map

5182, Hwy 113, Haut-Lamèque (N.-B.)
Feature dish – Fisha, a seafood pizza
Tel.: (506) 344-8005/(506) 344-7852 (office)
Website: www.auptitmousse.com
Au P'tit Mousse

Mitchan Sushi  icone_p_nb g_map

114, St-Pierre O. Blvd., Caraquet (NB)
Specializes in Teriyaki Chicken
Tel.: (506) 726-1103
Website: www.mitchansushi.com
 Mitchan Sushi

La Homard Mobile  icone_p_f g_map

333, St-Pierre O. Blvd. ,Caraquet (NB)
Tel.: (506) 726-1127
 La Homard Mobile

Restaurant Chez Raymond icone_p_f g_map

486, Principale Street, Neguac (NB)
Tel.: (506) 776-9000
Site Web: www.chezraymond.ca

Café du Gardien icone_p_nb icone_p_fran g_map

13300, route 113, Miscou, N.-B.
Miscou Lighthouse
Tel.: (506) 344-2662
CAFÉ DU Gardien


Map for discovering seafood

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