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Membership to the TOAP !!!

Logo de l'Office du Tourisme de la Péninsule acadienne OTPA

The Tourism Office of the Acadian Peninsula(TOAP) is a not-for-profit corporation aiming to highlight and develop the Acadian Peninsula’s tourism products for their main markets: Quebec, the Atlantic provinces, Ontario, North America, and Europe.
We invite you to become members of this new corporation. Your involvement will allow us to promote our tourism offers, and to make our region a choice destination for visitors. Becoming a prosperous tourism region signifies a collective effort and “your” tourism corporation, the TOAP, should acquire the means to network with stakeholders and raise public awareness.


« Bringing together the industry’s operating body in order to turn the Acadian Peninsula into the go-to cultural and natural destination in New Brunswick. »


« Allowing the Acadian Peninsula’s tourism operating body to get together and exchange on ways to develop that sector, to offer quality experiences to the visitors, and to promote the region. »

Liste d’avantages - Bénéfices

  • Marketing promotion of the Acadian Peninsula destination.
  • Tourism Expos with the Peninsula’s kiosk.
  • Discounts on advertisement in the Acadian Peninsula’s tourism guide.
  • Visibility on the Acadian Peninsula’s website ( www.peninsuleacadienne.ca ).
  • Promotional products: TOAP sticker, Membership certificate, etc.
  • Training: discount on costs for training offered by the Tourism Industry Association of New-Brunswick (TIANB).
  • Representation on the provincial committees, TIANB and more.
  • Networking activities: Speed Networking workshop, Familiarization Tour, Tourism Forum and more.



Become a part of YOUR region’s tourism success!

  • Accommodations : Motel, Hotel, Inn, Cottages (100 $); Camping (75 $), B & B (50 $)
  • Food Services : Bar/Tavern, Restaurant (100$); Café/Bistro (75$); Eatery (50$)
  • Business : Industry (75$); Business (50$)
  • Associations/Organisms: Association (50$); Museum (50$); Community Centre without bar (50$), with bar (100$)
  • Conveniences : Grocery Store (100$); Convenience Store (50$)
  • Attractions, Festivals and Events: (150$)
  • Financial Institutions: (150$)
  • Individuals: (25$)